The Citizens Crime Chase



Crime Chase is an android based mobile application that allows the user to view reported crimes committed across the country to serve as a warning and public information platform.

It allows the user to report a crime upon witnessing it without the hassle of looking for a police officer or making a trip to the police station. This is achieved in several ways:

Main Features

  • Shows all the recorded Police Stations and criminals currently on the PNP's Top Most Wanted List
  • Report these wanted criminals to 117 Police Hotline Number
  • Location Indicator - Shows the current user location
  • Call the nearest Police Station from your location
Emergency Police Hotline calls - Quick Emergency call button would automatically call the 117 Police Hotline

How it works

  1. Report Crime - Launches a crime complaint form that user fills up
  2. Informs the user - Giving false or fabricated information is punishable by law
  3. With GPS enabled, Crime Chase automatically fetches the grid coordinates of the user
  4. Sends all information to database - Reflected here in CrimeChase.Info
  • Alerts the police station of the user's current location

About us

Kane Balagtey

Kane is an experienced web developer with a very unhealthy interest in JavaScript technologies. When not coding, he can be found in his home with his four energetic children and wife.

Karl Balagtey

Karl is a well-rounded technology enthusiast who specialises in start-up incubation and back end development using Laravel and related technologies. He leads the team at 4ksoftware

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